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Month: July, 2014

Language and the Politicization of Refugees

Language is powerful, potentially dangerous but also potentially liberating. We have a crisis of displaced children at the US border, coming to seek asylum from Western funded paramilitaries (particularly in Honduras). Many have families who have been murdered, left homeless. Heart-wrenching.

Now. Call them “illegal immigrants.” Don’t mention why these “illegals” came to the US. Go to Drudge Report to read these made up stories of new diseases being brought to the US by these “illegals.” Also, to the stories on Limbaugh or Hannity (I have) about how these children -er, sorry… ILLEGALS…- are a secret plot by the Democrats to change the conservative foundations of the US. 

This is how political ideology dehumanizes. This is how CHILDREN are made to be enemies, CHILDREN whose parents have been murdered or are under constant threat of it. 

Please don’t let people get away politicizing children. These children need help. They need caring homes. They don’t need to become the latest prop in our reckless partisan media machine. Stop the dehumanization. These are children. It doesn’t get any simpler to understand.

Ideological Impairment: Misinterpreting the Hobby Lobby Backlash

“Reason” Magazine recently posted this question to their blog

Why is the Left Not Cheering For a Mom’s Right to Keep Her Meager Subsidies?

I’ve been amazed at how blind the libertarian right is to the inherent sexism in the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. Yes, there is a partial element of general society (not just the left… I know, I know, hard to grasp for these types) that wants this provided in their health care. But the big backlash is the gendered element, in which the Supreme Court and the family values-types seem to primarily go after programs which benefit women while turning a blind eye toward those programs which benefit men. 

In light of this, it’s laughable how the libertarian right and the right generally have a hard time understanding why they can’t attract women, en masse. Ideology truly does impair the capabilities for self reflection.