Wealth Concentration and Candidates for Office: Asking The Obvious Questions

The billionaire Illinois Republican candidate for Governor, Bruce Rauner, has amassed his fortune from managing government employee pension funds.  Which is interesting, considering Rauner is telling his base he intends to downsize state employees and reduce their pensions due to the pending debt obligations.

See here.

This begs the obvious question: should Rauner give back a sizable portion of his wealth to the Illinois pension system?  After all, he did get wealthy from skimming some off the top.  Does he not have an obligation to ensure the system is robust, given that the system enriched him so?  Is he not a part of the problem?  

One thing is for sure.  American workers need a pension system managed outside of the traditional Wall Street financial apparatus.  Too often, the current system that is meant to support worker retirement is used for worker exploitation.